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Hello and welcome to my creative bureau!

My name is Julen. I'm an interdisciplinary artist with experience in Directing, Writing, Editing, Post Production and Photography amongst others. You can think of me as a fisherman of sorts – plunging into the chaotic ocean of free association and reeling in a flurry of fresh ideas which we can then marinade, cook and enjoy. Delish.

How it Works

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    Looking for someone to jump on board? You can hire me for a particular task; be it directing, writing, event coverage, a photoshoot or editing.

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    Creative Consultation: Need to develop an idea? If you have seeds that need watering, you can bring these to me and I'll give the ideas greater coherence and nurture them to their full potential.

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    You'd like to have something from conception to fruition and final delivery? Got that too! We can storm somethin' up, assemble a team of talented professionals and create content tailored to your needs.

Julen the Human

Much of my time is spent on my personal project; "Julen the Human" where I explore a number of creative ventures including video, music, performance and the core of my passion; philosophy. To stay up to date with my whereabouts and latest projects, check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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